Sending Invoices

Connected Tenants Connected tenants, with access to Rentila, receive an automatic email notification when the rent payment is generated in the Finance page (this option can be switched on/off for each Tenancy). The email provides a link to download the rent receipt. When the payment is marked as Paid in the Finance section, you can also click on the Send Invoice action on the right. Rentila will send the email notification with the link for the direct download. Edit Record a payment Rent receipt Send the receipt … Delete Non-connected Tenants To send the rent Invoice to tenants who are Read more

Download multiple invoices

If you need to download multiple receipts you will have to: Go to Finance, Check the boxes next to the payments you are interested in, Use the Export button at the bottom of the list. Rentila will generate an archive file (.zip file) with all the selected documents and will send you an email with a link to download it. This operation can take some time, so be patient.

Editing the Rent

Editing the rent in the Tenancy In order to edit the rent amount, you can do so in the section Tenancies and click on Edit. You can then edit the amount and click on Save. Edit Record a payment Rent receipt … Delete Important The modification will be taken into account for the future rents.The rents already generated have to be manually edited in the section Finance. Editing a rent which is already generated After a rent is generated in Finance you can still add or edit the amounts if needed. When you click on Edit on the right or on Read more

Record a payment

Once a rent has been generated in the Finance section, you can record multiple payments (tenant payment, allowances directly received by the landlord…). In order to do so, please use the action button Record a payment on the right. Edit Record a payment Rent receipt … Delete You can record payments on different dates. Every payment will be book kept depending on the payment date. Record another payment Please enter the payment amount, the payer (tenant or other), the payment type (bank wire, credit or debit card…) and the payment date. Example December 2019 rent entered as paid in January Read more

Managing loans or mortgages

Create a loan or mortgage To add one you need to create a recurring expense from the Finance section or import a schedule payment file. If you create a recurring expense of the type “loan or mortgage”, you can choose the automatic calculation of the schedule payment file. You have to enter: The start and end date, The total amount, The interest rate, The insurance rate. You can visualise your schedule payment file before validating this expense. If your file does not correspond, the only solution will be importing it directly. Change or stop a loan To change the monthly Read more