Create a task

To create a task, click on the New task action button in the Tasks section, then click on the Save button. You can enter the following information: The property or building, The due date (once the date has passed, the task is shown as Late), The assigned participants to this task (the landlord or him and the tenants), The subject, The message. The task may be punctual (just once) or recurring (every month or year, on the same day). All assigned parties will receive a notification email once the task is created, as well as the completion due date. Only Read more

Tasks and reminders

This page allows you to manage your tasks and reminders (rent payment, insurance renewal, reminders…). You can do the following: Create a task, Edit a task, Display a task, Duplicate a task, Terminate an ongoing task (if terminated, you can always reactivate it), Delete a task. You can filter your task records by different criteria (property, state). You can export your task records using the Export action button on the bottom of the page.