Property certificates, insurance, and other supplier contracts

For each property and tenancy agreement, you have the option to enter various certificates and contracts such as insurance policies, electricity suppliers, internet providers, energy performance diagnostics, and other certificates. For each contract and certificate, you can enter the following details: Updating existing certificates and contracts To update these existing contracts and certificates, simply modify the information already entered in the same place. Reminders for expired eertificates and contracts When a certificate’s expiry date is passed, it is considered expired. A reminder then appears in the landlord’s account to prompt them to update the information. Additionally, an email notification is Read more

Public property profile

This page allows you to display a detailed public profile containing the essential information of your property, which you can share with third parties. The public record includes the following elements: The address of the property, The location on the map, The rent and service charges, A detailed description and list of facilities, The photos of the property, A button to contact and apply. You can use the digital flyer of your property to promote your real estate, integrate it into an online listing, or hand it directly to your prospective tenants. Please note that the sheet must be set Read more

Create, modify, or delete a property, a unit

Create a Property To add a property, follow these simple steps: Go to the “Properties” section, then click on “Units” and finally on the “New Unit” button. For each property, you can enter the following information: The address, The description, The facilities, The financial information, The administrative information, The contracts, certificates, and diagnostics, The information for the public record, Add photos, Add documents. You can navigate between the different tabs at the top of the form to enter additional information about your unit, including facilities, certificates and various contracts, public record information, photos, etc. Some of the information you enter Read more

Properties, units

In this section, you can manage your properties. Here you will find two subsections: one titled “Units” and the other “Buildings”. The “Units” subsection is intended for individual properties, while the “Buildings” subsection relates to groups of properties that you have previously created as units. You can perform the following actions: Create a property, Edit a property, Duplicate a property, View the property’s record, Access the property’s Finances, Access the financial Statement of the property, Access the property’s documents, Archive the property, Export the properties, Delete a property. You can filter the records based on different criteria such as the Read more