This page lets you manage and track equipment (appliances, furniture, tools etc.) in your rentals. You can do the following : Add an equipment, Edit an equipment, Delete an equipment. You can export your recordings by using the Export action button on the bottom of the page.

Create an equipment

To add an equipment, click on the New equipment button, fill in the fields, then click on Save. For every equipment you can enter : The property, The name, The brand, The model, The serial number, The price, The purchase date, The measurements, The description, The warranty information, One or more photos, One or more documents.

Service charge split rules

Service charge split rules set-up You can add multiple properties associated with a building and specify the split rule for the distribution of service charges. You have the option to indicate a percentage or to use a fraction, for example, 100/1000. There are two types of service charge split rules: When adding a property, in the “Properties” tab, you can choose the general split rule for the general service charges. In the “Service charge split rules” tab, you have the opportunity to add several split rules depending on the type of specific charges (elevator, cleaning, water, etc.). Add a recoverable Read more


On this page you can track and record your trips related to your property management. You can do the following: Add a trip, Edit a trip, Delete a trip. You can export your records using the Export action button on the bottom of the page.

Create a new trip

In order to add a new trip, click on the New trip action button, fill in the required fields, then click on Save. For every new trip you can enter the following: The related property concerné, The date, The journey, The description or reason, One or more documents.