My templates

This page allows you to manage your personalised document templates. You can do the following: Create a template, Edit a template, Archive a template, Delete a template. When you create your own document template, it automatically replaces the existing Rentila template.

Create a letter template

To create a pre filled personalised document template, click on the New template action button, fill in the required fields, then click on the Save action button. For every template you can enter : The type, The name of the template, The related properties (you have to create them beforehand), The content, The status of the template (Activated/Deactivated). When you create a personalised document template, it will automatically replace the Rentila template. Tags You can use the pre filled Tags available on the right. Every tag takes specific information from your account such as the address of the property, the Read more

Create a document

To add a document in the My Documents section, click on the New Document action button, fill in the required fields, then click on the Save action button. For every document, you can enter the following : The type, The property and building, The tenancy, The description, The date, Share the document (you can share documents with connected Rentila tenants). Accepted formats: Word, Excel, PDF, Open office, Images (GIF, JPG, PNG). Information To scan your documents, you can: Take a photo of the document by paying attention to the framing and image quality. You can also use certain Smartphone scan Read more

Letter templates

This page contains a series of free letter templates to help you manage your rentals. Our templates are in  Word format and regularly updated. You can open them using Microsoft Word, Open office or Google docs. Disclaimer ! The templates are provided for general information purpose only. The use of any of these templates is at your own risk, and you should not use any of them without first seeking legal advice. will not be liable for any damages, losses or causes of action of any nature arising from any use of the templates.

My documents

On this page you can upload and archive all of your scanned documents. You can also share these with your tenant, if you wish to do so. You can do the following (using the action buttons on the right): Create a document, Edit a document, Upload a document, Archive a document, Delete a document. You can filter the saved documents by different criteria (property, type).