Edit rent

Edit rent To change the rent amount, go to Tenancies, click Edit on the right, change the rent amount and Save. Important The changes will take effect for ALL FUTURE rent payments. Rents, already generated in the Finance section need to be edited manually, one by one. Edit an existing rent item To edit the rent amount of a payment already generated in the Finance section, click the Edit action on the right, change the rent amount and Save. Edit a Recorded payment You can change a rent payment, its date, its amount, its method or the payer. Go to Read more


A Deposit-type revenue is automatically added in the Finance section when the Tenancy is created. It is always possible to add this type of revenue manually, in Finance, by adding a revenue. The deposit must be put in a government-backed tenancy deposit scheme (TDP). Deposit return When the tenancy ends, the deposit must be returned: Within 10 days of both parties agreeing on the returned amount. If a dispute arises, then the deposit will be protected until the issue is sorted out. Deposits made by a third party The landlord must use a government-backed tenancy deposit scheme, TDP, even if Read more


Taxable income In general you’ll pay income tax on the revenue you get from renting out a property. The taxable amount is the sum left once you’ve added your rental income and deducted any allowable expenses or allowances. Your income is primarily the rent you receive but also any other payments from tenants for services normally provided by a landlord. If you charge any non-refundable deposits for your property, these will also count as rental income, as well as the money that’s kept over from a returnable deposit at the end of the tenancy. Allowable expenses a landlord can deduct Read more

Loans & Mortgages

In this section you will find your loans and mortgages, as well as your schedule payments. You can do the following: Create a loan or a mortgage (import a schedule payment), Delete a loan or a mortgage. You can also create an expense of the type loan from the Finance section. You can find the loan or mortgage in this section. You can filter the recorded data by different criteria (landlord, property, loan, year). You can export your recorded data using the Export action button on the bottom of the chart.


Here you can manage the revenue and the expenses associated to your properties. For every tenancy contract, the rent and rent receipts are generated in the Finance section. You can do the following: Add a revenue or an expense, Edit a payment, Record a payment, Download a receipt (for certain types of entries), Send a reminder (for certain types of entries), Stop a payment (for recurring payments), Regenerate a payment (for recurring payments), Duplicate a payment, Delete a payment. You can filter the records by different criteria (date, owner, property, type or keyword). You can also export your records with Read more