Loans and mortgages

Create, modify and delete a loan/mortgage

To add a loan, you have two options: Go to the “Finances” section, then click on “Loans/Mortgages” and finally on the “Import a Loan” button to import a payment schedule; Go to the “Finances” section and create a new recurring expense of type “Loan” from the “Finances” section or import a payment schedule. Create a loan with a recurring “Loan” expense If you choose to create a recurring expense of type “Loan”, you have the option of using the automatic payment schedule calculation. To do this, you will need to provide the following information: The start and end date, The Read more

Loans & Mortgages

In this section, you can create and manage loans (mortgage, home improvement loan, etc.) and their corresponding schedules. You have the option to perform the following operations: Create a loan (or import a schedule according to our model), Delete a loan. To create a loan, you can do it directly from the “Finances” section or import the data. You can filter records based on different criteria such as the landlord, the property, or the loan. Furthermore, you have the option to export your records using the “Export” action available at the bottom of the table.