Loans and mortgages

Managing loans or mortgages

Create a loan or mortgage To add one you need to create a recurring expense from the Finance section or import a schedule payment file. If you create a recurring expense of the type “loan or mortgage”, you can choose the automatic calculation of the schedule payment file. You have to enter: The start and end date, The total amount, The interest rate, The insurance rate. You can visualise your schedule payment file before validating this expense. If your file does not correspond, the only solution will be importing it directly. Change or stop a loan To change the monthly Read more


Certain expenses are deductible from taxes. The amortization corresponds to the property value loss for a given period of time. This loss amount can be deducted from taxes annually. You can create an amortization from the Finance section. Click on Add an expense, choose the Deductible charge type: amortization expense, choose the duration and then Save. Example For a sofa bed which costs 3600£ and has an average lifetime of 12 years, it is possible to amortise 300£ every year. This amount is deducted from the revenue.

Loans & Mortgages

In this section you will find your loans and mortgages, as well as your schedule payments. You can do the following: Create a loan or a mortgage (import a schedule payment), Delete a loan or a mortgage. You can also create an expense of the type loan from the Finance section. You can find the loan or mortgage in this section. You can filter the recorded data by different criteria (landlord, property, loan, year). You can export your recorded data using the Export action button on the bottom of the chart.