Sync your bookings calendar with Airbnb, Booking or Google

Export the Rentila booking calendar In order to sync your Airbnb, Booking, Tripadvisor, Arbitel or Google calendar, you have to follow these steps: Go to the Bookings section. Click on the Export action button on the bottom of the bookings’ list. Please select the related property and copy the link. This link is also visible in the file of every property. When in your Airbnb account, enter the property details, Availability settings tab, then Sync calendars. Import the Rentila link. Now your Rentila bookings are updated in your Airbnb account. Import your Airbnb bookings In order to import your Airbnb Read more

Holiday rental invoices

Once you create a booking, there is an invoice issued automatically in the Finance section. The invoice displays the details entered in the booking form (description, references, amounts…). The invoice can be sent to the tenants by email through the site or by your personal email (please download the PDF version). Good to know We advise the landlords who do holiday rentals to issue receipts or invoices for their tenants. This way you provide certainty and look professional. In any case, the guest will likely ask for a receipt.

Create, modify and delete a booking

Create a booking To create a short-term tenancy agreement in Rentila, follow these steps: Go to the “Bookings” section and click on the “New Booking” button. When creating a tenancy, you will need to enter these essential details: The property, The duration, The rent and various services, The security deposit, The tenants (you can add multiple tenants in case of shared accommodation), Add documents. Invoice for the stay Bookings created automatically generate an invoice in the “Finances” section. This invoice includes the details and amounts entered in the booking form, such as the description, references, amounts, and deposits. You have Read more


In this section, you can manage your bookings and short-term tenancy contracts. You can perform the following operations: Create a booking, Edit a booking, Add a note, Record a check-out, Archive a booking, Regenerate payments, Display the related documents, Display the finances, Delete a booking. You have the option to filter records using various criteria (such as owner, property). You can export your records using the “Export” action located at the bottom of the table.