Create and Invite a Candidate

You can invite candidates to apply for your property. The invited candidates have the status of Invited. For every tenant you can enter the following information : The property, The name, The email (to invite your tenant), The telephone number, The address, The profession, The guarantor information, The invitation text. The candidate receives an invitation email with the link of the property’s file. The candidate can open an account and apply for the property using the application form. The candidate must enter : His/Her name, His/Her address, His/Her occupation, His/Her income, His/Her guarantor, His/Her supporting documents. Once the application form Read more

Sending Invoices

Connected Tenants Connected tenants, with access to Rentila, receive an automatic email notification when the rent payment is generated in the Finance page (this option can be switched on/off for each Tenancy). The email provides a link to download the rent receipt. When the payment is marked as Paid in the Finance section, you can also click on the Send Invoice action on the right. Rentila will send the email notification with the link for the direct download. Edit Record a payment Rent receipt Send the receipt … Delete Non-connected Tenants To send the rent Invoice to tenants who are Read more

Create a Tenant

To create a tenant, click on the button New tenant, fill in the fields and click on Save. For each tenant you can enter: The type, The name and surname and the company name, The email address (in order to invite your tenant), The address and other contact information, Professional Information, Guarantor’s Information, Bank Information, Upload documents. Some of the information is pre-filled in the tenancy contracts. Tenant import You can import tenants in the following formats: CSV, Excel or Open Office. You can use these templates to do the import: Modèle de document Excel Modèle de document Open Office Read more


Here you can manage your Tenants. Add a tenant Edit a tenant Delete a tenant Archive a tenant See the tenant’s Balances You can filter the entered data by different criteria (landlord, property). You can also export the data using the action button Export on the bottom of the page.