Create, edit, invite or delete a candidate

Create a prospective tenant To invite a prospective tenant to apply for a listing, follow these simple steps: Go to the “Candidates” section then click on “New candidate”. Invited candidates are listed with the status Invited. For each prospective tenant, you have the option to enter the following information: The property the candidate is applying for, The name of the candidate, The email address (to invite them as a prospective tenant), The phone number, The personal address, The candidate’s employment status, The guarantor’s contact details, A custom invitation text. Once invited, the candidate will receive an invitation email containing a Read more

Sending the rent receipt to your tenant

Tenants Invited and Connected to Rentila Automatic sending of the rent due notice Tenants who are invited, connected, and have access to Rentila automatically receive an email notification (this option can be enabled/disabled in the tenancy file) as soon as their rent is generated in the “Finances” section. The email contains a direct link to download the document, the rent due notice or the rent receipt. Tenants who are not connected and whom you have not invited do not receive automatic emails from Rentila. Manual sending of the rent receipt or rent due notice Once the payment is marked as Read more

Create, edit and delete a Tenant

Create a tenant To add a tenant, follow these simple steps: Go to the “Tenants” section and then click on “New Tenant”. For each tenant, you can enter the following information: Type of tenant. Surname and first name or name of the company. Email address (if you wish to invite your tenant). Address and other contact information. Professional information. Information about guarantors. Banking information. Possibility to add documents. Some of this information will be included in the pre-filled contracts. Importing tenants You have the possibility of importing several tenants using a file in CSV, Excel, or Open Office formats. Please Read more


In this section, you can manage your tenants. You can perform the following operations: Create a tenant. Edit a tenant’s details. Delete a tenant. Archive a tenant’s record. View a tenant’s file. You have the option to filter records using various criteria (such as owner, property). You can export your records using the “Export” action located at the bottom of the table.