Create, edit, invite or delete a candidate

Create a prospective tenant To invite a prospective tenant to apply for a listing, follow these simple steps: Go to the “Candidates” section then click on “New candidate”. Invited candidates are listed with the status Invited. For each prospective tenant, you have the option to enter the following information: The property the candidate is applying for, The name of the candidate, The email address (to invite them as a prospective tenant), The phone number, The personal address, The candidate’s employment status, The guarantor’s contact details, A custom invitation text. Once invited, the candidate will receive an invitation email containing a Read more

Tenant candidates

In this section, you can optimise the management and organisation of your tenant search, as well as manage application files. You can perform the following actions: Invite a candidate. Review a candidate’s application. Change the status of a candidate (shortlist, confirm, reject). Delete a candidate. You have the option to filter records using various criteria (owner, property). How candidate management works Here’s how candidate management works in Rentila: Using the digital flyer: To promote your property, you can use the digital flyer associated with it. You have the option to insert it in listings or share it directly with interested Read more