Service charge split rules

Service charge split rules set-up You can add several Units to your building and enter the general service charge split rule. You can either enter a percentage or a fraction like 1/1000. The general split rule is for service charges shared by all the tenants. It can be entered when you link the Units to the building. You can also enter multiple specific split rules for the service charges that concern just some of the tenants (lift, water, cleaning…). The additional split rules should be entered in the Service charge split tab. Add recoverable service charge When you create a Read more

Create a building

To add a building, click on the New building action button, fill in the required fields, then click on the Save button. For every building you can enter: The address, The description, The related properties (the properties must be created beforehand), The equipments, The financial information, Add photos, Add documents. You can click on the various tabs on the top of the form in order to add the properties and enter all necessary information regarding your building (equipments, photos…). You can add multiple Properties linked to a building and indicate the shares for the service charges. Please note that the Read more


This page allows you to manage your buildings OR groups of properties. It is useful if the landlord owns a whole building with multiple units OR if you need to bundle various properties together, for instance, to distribute communal expenses. On this page you can do the following: Add a building, Edit a building, Delete a building. You can export your records using the Export action button at the bottom of the table.