Tenancy agreement digital signature

To start the signing procedure, go to the creation/modification form of the tenancy agreement, then to the “Signature” tab. Before you begin, make sure you have correctly entered the emails and mobile numbers of all signatories. Here, in a few simple steps, is the process of a digital signature on Rentila: The landlord can initiate the procedure by clicking on the “Start signing procedure” button. A window will open for them to draw their signature, request, and enter the verification code via SMS. Once the signing procedure is started by the landlord, the document is locked and marked Awaiting signature. Read more

Disable a tenancy

Disable a Tenancy You have the option to disable a tenancy, which will prevent the system from generating new rents. Afterwards, you can archive it. If you wish to disable an existing tenancy, go to the “Tenancies” section, click on the “Disable” action to the right of the concerned tenancy. Tenancy Disabled by the System A tenancy can be automatically disabled by the system for the following reasons: The tenancy has ended. This occurs when the tenancy has concluded, meaning the end date has passed and the “Automatic Renewal” box is not checked. In case of prolonged inactivity of the Read more

Rent review

Once a year, on the anniversary date of the contract, it is customary to review the amount of the rent. The calculation formula is: Rent x new index / old index = new rent. Conducting a Rent Review with Rentila To perform a rent review, follow these steps: Go to the “Tools” section and select “Rent Review” or use the actions available on the right in the “Tenancies” section. Select the tenancy agreement for which you want to review the rent. Indicate the year of the last review and the starting, old index. Indicate the new index. Check the amount Read more

Create, modify and delete a tenancy

Create a Tenancy Agreement To create a tenancy agreement in Rentila, follow these steps: Go to the “Tenancies” section and click on the “New Tenancy” button. When creating a tenancy, you will need to enter the following details: The type of tenancy, The property concerned, The duration of the tenancy, The amount of rent and charges, The security deposit, The tenants (you can add multiple tenants in case of shared accommodation). Additionally, you can also provide: Specific clauses, Parameters for the rent receipt, Insurance information, Guarantor information, Add documents related to the tenancy, The information entered during the creation of Read more


In this section, you can manage your tenancy agreements. You can perform the following operations: Create a tenancy, Modify a tenancy, Duplicate a tenancy, Terminate a tenancy, Disable a tenancy, Archive a tenancy, Service charge reconciliation, Review the rent, Regenerate payments, View finances, Download a pre-filled tenancy agreement template, Delete a tenancy. You have the option to filter records using various criteria (landlord, property, type of tenancy agreement). You can export your records via the “Export” action located at the bottom of the table. Tenancy Agreement Template When you create a new tenancy agreement in Rentila, the software automatically generates Read more