Tenancy agreement digital signature

To start the signing procedure, please go to the tenancy creation/modification form, Signatories tab. Before you begin, please make sure you have correctly entered the emails and mobile phone numbers of all signatories. You can sign the document online in a few simple steps. The landlord can initiate the procedure by clicking on the button Start the signing procedure. A pop-up window will open to draw the signature. Then the user will have to request and enter a verification code sent by SMS. Once the signing procedure has been started, the document will be locked and marked as Pending signature. Read more

Tenancy deactivated

A tenancy is deactivated for the following reasons: The tenancy has ended. Due to account inactivity. If you have not accessed your account for several months, the site will deactivate your tenancies automatically. You can still reactivate them from the Tenancies section with the action button on the right. You can also recreate the payments from the same action menu on the right.

Tenant invoice address

In some cases, the tenant’s invoice address is not the same as that of the rented property. If the address is different from the one of the rented property, you can set the alternative address from the Tenancy file, in the Receipts tab, invoice address. You will have to tick the box and fill the tenant’s address.

Create a tenancy

To create a tenancy, click on the button New tenancy in the Tenancies section, fill in the required fields and then click Save. For every tenancy you can enter the following information: The  type, The property, The duration, The rent amount and service charges, The deposit, The tenants (you can add multiple tenants in the case of co-living), The special clauses, The insurance information, Add documents. For each tenancy, Payments, Notices and Invoices are created automatically in the Finance section on the 1st of each month, unless specified otherwise. You can decide to generate them before or after this date by changing Read more


This page allows you to manage your tenancies. You can do the following (use the action button on the right): Create a tenancy, Edit a tenancy, Duplicate a tenancy, End a tenancy, Deactivate a tenancy, Archive a tenancy, Tenant expense reconciliation, Rent reconciliation, Regenerate the payments, Show balance, Download a pre-filled tenancy contract template. You can filter the recorded information by different criteria (landlord, type). You can export your records by using the action button Export on the bottom of the form. As an example, if you have 5 properties rented to 5 different tenants, you will have to create Read more