Create and Invite a Candidate

You can invite candidates to apply for your property. The invited candidates have the status of Invited.

For every tenant you can enter the following information :

  • The property,
  • The name,
  • The email (to invite your tenant),
  • The telephone number,
  • The address,
  • The profession,
  • The guarantor information,
  • The invitation text.

The candidate receives an invitation email with the link of the property’s file.

The candidate can open an account and apply for the property using the application form.

The candidate must enter :

  • His/Her name,
  • His/Her address,
  • His/Her occupation,
  • His/Her income,
  • His/Her guarantor,
  • His/Her supporting documents.

Once the application form completed, the candidate will appear in the Candidate section with the status of Waiting.