Create, edit, invite or delete a candidate

Create a prospective tenant

To invite a prospective tenant to apply for a listing, follow these simple steps: Go to the “Candidates” section then click on “New candidate”.

Invited candidates are listed with the status Invited.

For each prospective tenant, you have the option to enter the following information:

  • The property the candidate is applying for,
  • The name of the candidate,
  • The email address (to invite them as a prospective tenant),
  • The phone number,
  • The personal address,
  • The candidate’s employment status,
  • The guarantor’s contact details,
  • A custom invitation text.

Once invited, the candidate will receive an invitation email containing a direct link to the property listing.

The candidate can then create an account and submit their application using the application form. The information required in this form includes:

  • The candidate’s name,
  • Their personal address,
  • Their employment status,
  • Their income,
  • The guarantor’s contact details,
  • Provision of the necessary supporting documents.

Once the candidate has completed the form, their profile will appear in your “Candidates” section with the status Pending.

Edit a prospective tenant

If you wish to edit an existing prospective tenant, go to the “Candidates” section, click on the “Edit” action to the right of the concerned prospective tenant, make the necessary changes, then click on “Save”.

Changing the prospective tenant’s email

You cannot change the email address of a prospective tenant who is already connected (one who has already accepted your invitation). Once their account is confirmed, their email address becomes their unique login identifier. Only the tenant can make this change from their account, or you can request it through Rentila support.

Delete a prospective tenant

To delete a prospective tenant, go to the “Candidates” section, click on the “Delete” action to the right of the concerned prospective tenant.

Why can only the prospective tenant submit an application?

Due to the new European regulation on personal data protection (GDPR), which came into effect on May 25, 2018, it is important to inform users, in this case, prospective tenants, about the use of their data. They must generally give their consent for the processing of their data, have access to it, or have the opportunity to oppose it.

The prospective tenant may choose to apply for a listing and submit their own supporting documents.

We do not allow landlords to fill out the tenant’s file on their behalf.