Adding an expense

To add an expense, click the Add expense button in Finance or directly in the Dashboard, fill in the fields, and click the Save button. To successfully record an expense you need to provide at least the following information: Property Type Date Beneficiary Amount In addition to this information, you can also enter: Tenancy Recurrence (is it a one-off or a recurring one?) Period (for recurring expenses) VAT amount Recoverable amount (for recoverable expenses) Description Attach a document In Rentila there are the following categories of Expenses: Deductible Non-deductible Recoverable (from the tenants when you pay on their behalf) Loans Read more


Here you can manage the revenue and the expenses associated to your properties. For every tenancy contract, the rent and rent receipts are generated in the Finance section. You can do the following: Add a revenue or an expense, Edit a payment, Record a payment, Download a receipt (for certain types of entries), Send a reminder (for certain types of entries), Stop a payment (for recurring payments), Regenerate a payment (for recurring payments), Duplicate a payment, Delete a payment. You can filter the records by different criteria (date, owner, property, type or keyword). You can also export your records with Read more