Record a payment

Once a rent has been generated in the Finance section, you can record multiple payments (tenant payment, allowances directly received by the landlord…). In order to do so, please use the action button Record a payment on the right.

You can record payments on different dates. Every payment will be book kept depending on the payment date.

Record another payment Please enter the payment amount, the payer (tenant or other), the payment type (bank wire, credit or debit card…) and the payment date.


December 2019 rent entered as paid in January 2020 will be allocated to 2020 and not 2019.

Depending on the payment status, the rent can be marked in different ways:

  • Paid : The tenant has paid the rent.
  • Waiting : The tenant hasn’t paid the rent, however the due date has not passed.
  • Late : The tenant hasn’t paid the rent and the due date has passed.
  • Partial : There has been a partial payment of the rent.
  • Unpaid : The rent has not been paid and will not be paid.
Partial payment or over payment

If the paid rent amount is greater than the rent due, then the tenant will have a positive balance which can be deferred to the following period. If the rent amount paid is less than the due rent, the balance will be negative and carried over.