Tenant service charges reconciliation

The tenant is typically responsible for complying with all of the provisions, service charges, of a tenancy agreement. This usually includes property utility bills, maintenance expenses and council tax. Our reconciliation tool helps you compare what the tenant paid you and what you paid on his behalf, and check if the service charges the tenant paid cover all the expenses. Following the reconciliation, the system generates an entry in the Finance section which can be (depending on the result): A Revenue, if the tenant has paid less (you can claim the difference), An Expense, if the expenses were less than Read more

Create a tenancy

To create a tenancy, click on the button New tenancy in the Tenancies section, fill in the required fields and then click Save. For every tenancy you can enter the following information: The  type, The property, The duration, The rent amount and service charges, The deposit, The tenants (you can add multiple tenants in the case of co-living), The special clauses, The insurance information, Add documents. For each tenancy, Payments, Notices and Invoices are created automatically in the Finance section on the 1st of each month, unless specified otherwise. You can decide to generate them before or after this date by changing Read more


This page allows you to manage your tenancies. You can do the following (use the action button on the right): Create a tenancy, Edit a tenancy, Duplicate a tenancy, End a tenancy, Deactivate a tenancy, Archive a tenancy, Tenant expense reconciliation, Rent reconciliation, Regenerate the payments, Show balance, Download a pre-filled tenancy contract template. You can filter the recorded information by different criteria (landlord, type). You can export your records by using the action button Export on the bottom of the form. As an example, if you have 5 properties rented to 5 different tenants, you will have to create Read more

Wrong rent amount

If a rent amount does not appear to be correct or is inconsistent, first check the balance deferral option. To do so, go to the tenancy you’re interested in and check the Other Settings tab. If you have an Automatic Balance Deferral in place, the site automatically adds unpaid or overpaid amounts and changes current rent due. You can easily spot inconsistencies in the tenant balance detail. The document is available under Tenants section, on the right. Check the tenant balance details and identify the errors. Go to Finance > Record a payment (from the Action menu on the right Read more