Property certificates, insurance, and other supplier contracts

For each property and tenancy agreement, you have the option to enter various certificates and contracts such as insurance policies, electricity suppliers, internet providers, energy performance diagnostics, and other certificates.

  • In the property file, you can enter these details under the “Certificates and contracts” tab, which includes supplier contracts and diagnostics related to the property.
  • In the tenancy file, you can enter these details under the “Insurance” tab, where you record insurance policies taken out by the tenant or for the protection of the tenancy.

For each contract and certificate, you can enter the following details:

  • The type.
  • A document.
  • The description.
  • The date of issue and the validity date.

Updating existing certificates and contracts

To update these existing contracts and certificates, simply modify the information already entered in the same place.

  • In the property file, modify the property information, then update the details in the “Certificates and contracts” tab.
  • In the tenancy file, modify the tenancy information, then update the details in the “Insurance” tab.

Reminders for expired eertificates and contracts

When a certificate’s expiry date is passed, it is considered expired. A reminder then appears in the landlord’s account to prompt them to update the information. Additionally, an email notification is sent to the landlord (30 days before expiration and on the day of expiration).