Create, modify, or delete a building

Create a building

To add a building, follow these simple steps: Go to the “Properties” section, then click on “Buildings” and finally on the “New Building” button.

For each property, you can enter the following information:

  • The address,
  • The description,
  • The related units (it is necessary to create the units beforehand),
  • The facilities,
  • The apportionment keys,
  • The financial information,
  • Add photos,
  • Add documents.

You can navigate between the different tabs at the top of the form to add units and enter additional information about your building, including facilities, photos, etc.


In each building, you have the option to add units. For each unit, you can enter the following information:

  • The unit,
  • A general split rule.

Service charge split rules

You can add several units linked to a building and indicate the general split rule. You have the option to indicate a percentage or to use a fraction, for example, 100/1000.

There are two types of split rules: general split rules, which concern expenses distributed among all tenants, and specific split rules, created when the landlord manages specific parts with a split rule different from the general one.

When adding a unit, in the “Units” tab, you can choose the general split rule for service charges.

In the “Split rules” tab, you can add several split rules depending on the type of service charges (lift, cleaning, water, etc.).

These split rules are used in the calculation of the charge adjustment. The common expenses associated with a building are divided and distributed according to these rules.

Modify a building

If you wish to modify an existing building, go to the “Properties” section, then “Buildings”, click on the “Edit” action to the right of the concerned unit, make the necessary changes, and then click on “Save”.

Delete a building

To delete a building, go to the “Properties” section, then “Units”, and click on the “Delete” action to the right of the concerned property.

Please note that this action will result in the loss of the history of this real estate property. Therefore, it is generally better to archive properties instead of deleting them.