Tenant candidates

In this section, you can optimise the management and organisation of your tenant search, as well as manage application files.

You can perform the following actions:

  • Invite a candidate.
  • Review a candidate’s application.
  • Change the status of a candidate (shortlist, confirm, reject).
  • Delete a candidate.

You have the option to filter records using various criteria (owner, property).

How candidate management works

Here’s how candidate management works in Rentila:

  • Using the digital flyer: To promote your property, you can use the digital flyer associated with it. You have the option to insert it in listings or share it directly with interested candidates. Make sure the flyer is set to Public mode so it can be viewed.
  • Application form: Interested tenants can apply by filling out an application form. This form collects essential information, including their address, employment status, net income, guarantors, and supporting documents.
  • Sorting applications: Once applications are submitted, you can sort the files according to your selection criteria. You have the option to Reject, Shortlist, or Confirm each candidate.
  • Transferring confirmed candidates: Candidates that you have confirmed as potential tenants are automatically transferred to the “Tenants” section, simplifying the follow-up of your rental process.

Rentila saves you time by only presenting candidates that match your selection criteria, simplifying the management of applications and providing an effective way to find the ideal tenants for your real estate properties.