How to set up a new Rentila account in 10 steps

Here is a template for setting up a new Rentila account in 10 simple steps.

  1. Create a property
    • Enter information about your property (address, description, photos, access codes, equipment, etc.).
    • You can also save certain contracts and certificates related to this property.
  2. Create a tenant
    • Enter information about your tenants (name, address, phone, email).
    • You can invite your tenants and give them access to their tenant account.
  3. Create a tenancy
    • Enter information about the tenancy (contract type, dates, rent amount, security deposit).
    • You can save documents such as renters’ insurance.
  4. Create a furniture inventory (if you are renting a furnished property)
    • Enter the list of all the equipment and the furniture present in the rented property.
  5. Create an inventory
    • Take the meters readings, enter the list of all the furniture and the equipment present in the rented property. Add photos to illustrate.
  6. Create contacts
    • Enter details for your contacts such as the concierge, the plumber, the cleaner, the handyman, etc.
  7. Create tasks and reminders
    • Enter important tasks and reminders about your property. You can create a reminder for the expiry or renewal dates, or simply to-dos.
  8. Add documents
    • You can add important documents that concern your property such as contracts, certificates, invoices, etc. You can also share these documents with your tenants.
  9. Create expenses
    • You can add your expenses and invoices such as equipment purchases, work orders, utility bills.
  10. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee