Missing Rent in Finances

If a rent doesn’t appear in Finance, please ensure that: the tenancy is active, the tenancy has not ended (check the end date and that the option for automatic renewal is on), the invoice creation date is accurate If everything seems in order, go to Tenancies and click on the Regenerate payments action on the right. The system will recreate the missing payments. Pay attention to the possibility of duplicates as this option will recreate ALL rent payments up to the current date.

Edit rent

Edit rent To change the rent amount, go to Tenancies, click Edit on the right, change the rent amount and Save. Important The changes will take effect for ALL FUTURE rent payments. Rents, already generated in the Finance section need to be edited manually, one by one. Edit an existing rent item To edit the rent amount of a payment already generated in the Finance section, click the Edit action on the right, change the rent amount and Save. Edit a Recorded payment You can change a rent payment, its date, its amount, its method or the payer. Go to Read more