Create a property

To add a property, click on the New property action button, fill in the required fields, then click on the Save button.

For every property you can enter the following information:

  • The address,
  • The description,
  • The equipments,
  • The financial information,
  • The administrative information,
  • The contracts and certificates,
  • Add photos,
  • Add documents.

You can click on the various tabs on the top of the form and fill in any complimentary information related to your property (rental information, financial information, administrative information, insurance, photos…).

Some of the entered information is used in the Digital Flyer (a file of the property that you can share) and also in the pre-filled contracts and other documents.

Import properties

You can import multiple properties using a CSV, Excel or Open Office file format. Please use the following templates for the import:

Digital flyer

This page allows you to display a detailed file with all the essential information related to your property and share it with third parties:

  • The property address,
  • The rent and service charges,
  • Description and equipments,
  • Photos and property location,
  • Contact button for candidates.

You can use the digital flyer of your property to promote it, for instance by inserting it into a real estate advertisement or giving it directly to your prospective tenants. The flyer must be in Public mode in order to be consulted.