Regenerate rent payments

If you cannot find a rent or a security deposit in the “Finances” section, you have the option to recreate them.

Before proceeding, please check the following in the tenancy agreement:

  • Ensure that the tenancy is indeed active.
  • Check that the tenancy has not come to an end (verify the end date and ensure that the “Renewal” box is ticked).
  • Carefully examine the payment generation and receipt dates you have indicated.

If everything appears in order, go to the “Tenancies” section and click on the “Regenerate payments” action. The system will then restore the missing payments, whether they are rents or security deposits.

You also have the option to manually add rent from the “Finances” section using the “Add revenue” option of the type “Rent”.

Good to know

The action to regenerate rent payments will not modify existing rents. It will only create rents that are missing, in accordance with the schedule planned in the tenancy. The schedule is established based on the receipt date and the frequency selected in the tenancy agreement.