Create, edit or delete a maintenance

Create a maintenance

To add an intervention, follow these simple steps: Go to the “Maintenance” section and then click on “New maintenance”.

For each maintenance, you can enter the following information:

  • The property or building,
  • The tenancy,
  • The type,
  • The subject,
  • The priority,
  • The status,
  • The description,
  • The availability,
  • The start date and the completion date (once the date is passed, the intervention becomes Late),
  • The contractor and their email address and phone number,
  • The associated photos,
  • The associated documents.

The contractor, artisan or others, can receive a notification as soon as the intervention is created.

Tenants connected to Rentila can view the interventions from their account. They also have the option to create a maintenance for the landlord.

Both the landlord and the concerned tenants can add comments and documents to an ongoing intervention.

The landlord can mark the maintenance as completed using the appropriate action. Once a maintenance is completed, you have the option to reopen it if necessary.

Edit a maintenance

If you wish to edit an existing maintenance, go to the “Maintenance” section, click on the “Edit” action to the right of the concerned intervention, make the necessary changes, and then click on “Save”.

Delete a maintenance

To delete a maintenance, go to the “Maintenance” section, click on the “Delete” action to the right of the concerned intervention.

Follow the maintenance

You have the ability to track the progress of your intervention in real time and communicate directly with the participants. This feature also allows you to send messages and share relevant documents easily.