Managing loans or mortgages

Create a loan or mortgage

To add one you need to create a recurring expense from the Finance section or import a schedule payment file.

Change or stop a loan

To change the monthly loan payment, find and modify the last payment. This change will be effect for all future payments, but does not apply retrospectively. Payments that have been already generated must be manually modified one by one if you need to change them.

To stop a loan, find and modify the last payment, click on the actions on the right, Stop.

This action is available only on the last monthly payment generated.

Delete a loan

You can delete imported loans from Finance > Loans / Mortgages.

Loans created in the Finance section, as recurring payments, must be deleted from the same place (directly in Finance).

Use the filters to see only the loan, select all the rows, and delete them with the Delete action at the bottom of the table.

Renegotiated Loans and Mortgages

To reflect a loan renegotiation in Rentila, you must STOP the existing loan and create a new one.

It is always best to import a payment schedules using the templates provided in Finance > Loans / Mortgages.

Import a payment schedule

You can import a payment schedule as a Excel or Open Office file from Finance > Loans / Mortgages. Please use the templates provided by us on the same page.