Create an inventory

In order to create an inventory, click on the button New inventory, fill in the fields and Save.

For each inventory you can enter :

  • Type,
  • Username,
  • Tenancy,
  • General information (statements, type of heating, keys…),
  • Rooms,
  • Elements and equipment of each room (furniture, appliances…),
  • State of wear,
  • Photos.

You can enter the state of wear, description and price for each element. You can also add a note.

Inventory Template

The inventory is a key element when renting. This is the detailed description of the state of the rented property (walls, ceilings, doors, windows…) as well as the full list of elements and equipment of each room (furniture, dishes, decoration…). Once the description completed, the landlord and the tenant can sign the inventory document.

You can download an Inventory template here