How to manage renovations and repairs when purchasing a BTL property

If you recently purchased a buy-to-let (BTL) property, you’re probably projecting just how much rental income you’ll generate over the next few years. However, the work’s just getting started.

As any experienced landlord knows, managing repairs and renovations is key to keeping tenants happy and profits flowing. But how should you go about it?

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What are the benefits of property management software?

Are you a landlord currently making do with trying to manage your business without software geared towards property management? Well, the truth is you are likely making your life much harder for little to no saving.

Property management software is aimed at helping you with all the tasks and paperwork you need to complete, so let’s look at the benefits and how you could save yourself a heap of admin.

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Pros and Cons of Self Managing your Rental Property

So, you are starting out on building your buy-to-let empire. You have a property ready for tenants to rent, but should you manage the property yourself or leave it in the trusted hands of a professional?

With over 19% of UK homes occupied by renters, it’s no surprise that rental management is a hot topic. Well, just like most things in life, there are pros and cons of self managing your rental property. If you are undecided, take a moment to read our short guide.

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Should You Operate as a Private Landlord or Should You Use a Letting Agent?

Many homeowners throughout the UK, who are considering letting out a property they own, have to make a tricky decision long before any paperwork even gets signed. The question is whether they should work as a private landlord, or whether they should make use of a letting agent.

The path you ultimately end up choosing will significantly impact the overall experience, so it’s important to think this through carefully.

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