Pros and Cons of Self Managing your Rental Property

So, you are starting out on building your buy-to-let empire. You have a property ready for tenants to rent, but should you manage the property yourself or leave it in the trusted hands of a professional? Well, just like most things there in life, there are pros and cons to that decision. If you are undecided, take a moment to read our short guide.

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9 Steps to getting a Mortgage for your BTL

Some lucky people (like the Queen) own property outright—and lots of it! But many buy-to-let investors start with little more than a mortgage on their first BTL property. So if you want to explore the best way to start a portfolio and get a mortgage, read on!

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Off-plan Purchasing

If you are looking to build a buy-to-let portfolio, then off-plan purchasing is one way to do just that while potentially maximising your investment. If you haven’t heard about off-plan purchasing before, take a few minutes to read this guide. We give you the lowdown on what off-plan purchasing is, as well as the possible pitfalls and benefits. So let’s dig in.

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Why Invest In Buy-to-let Property

In this guide, we look at whether a buy-to-let property is a worthwhile investment. In terms of saving with a bank, one of the best deals you can get is around 2% in a long-term fixed account with no access to your cash. Meanwhile, by April, the inflation rate will probably hit 6%, which means you are losing money hand over fist. So if you are looking to build up a nest egg, then maybe you should consider investing in property.

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Investing In Retirement Villages - An Essential Guide

With an ageing population, the need to provide all kinds of facilities is paramount in today’s world. And the most important thing we need as consumers is a home. By 2023, Retiremove estimates that 1 in 4 people in the Uk will be aged over 65.

And this figure is only set to increase. So, investing in retirement property is worth considering if you are a potential landlord. It’s also worth investing in a retirement property if you are looking to downsize as you get older. In this essential guide, we look at things to consider.

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7 Tips For Buying Your First Buy-to-let Property

You might have read some blogs, and you are itching to go as a landlord. As you’ll know by now, you need to be careful with your investment, know the law, have a network of tradesmen, find and build a rapport with trustworthy tenants and document your financial activities correctly. It’s no easy task.

If you are considering the pros and cons of buying your first buy to let property, here are 7 of our top tips for doing just that:

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Taking Care Of Your Rental Property

Your rental property is a long-term investment, so you must take care of it well. It’s a big mistake to leave this job to tenants, as it is not their job. Yes, it’s their job to keep the property clean. And you might have stipulated in the contract that they keep the garden maintained. But aside from that, it’s not their job, and you’ll be lucky to find a tenant that is either a capable or willing handyman.

But how do you take care of your rental property so that your little pot of gold doesn’t turn into a costly nightmare down the line? Here are our top tips to stay on track.

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Top Tips For Landlords Investing In Student Lets

Students are not exactly the pinnacle of society. Given at least three years off work after being released from mum and dad’s protective care, they are synonymous with heavy yet-to-be-controlled drinking and still need mum to clean their bedroom and pants.

So why the heck would you want to rent to these curious all grown-up now little darlings?
That’s the million-dollar question.

But hey, if you are aiming to build a million-dollar property portfolio – students always need somewhere to live. And student letting boasts some of the highest profits available when it comes to renting. So, let’s get into how students could be a great way to boost your portfolio and some top tips.

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How Do You Reduce The Risk Of Problem Tenants?

Renting a home is a business like no other. It requires a massive investment, and who you sell to (i.e. your tenants) can make or break your business. You are essentially entrusting a significant part of your finances to another person, so a problem tenant can destroy your nest egg. Renting to a problem tenant can also cause you stress and even seriously affect your mental and physical health. You need to do everything you can to avoid this. But how, exactly?

Well, follow the steps in this guide to avoid being a suitable candidate to appear on the popular TV show, Nightmare tenants, slum landlords.

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What Are Typical Landlord Expenses And How To Keep Track

It’s easy enough to assume that rent minus mortgage fees equals profit for you as a landlord. But there are far more expenses involved in renting property, and if you were to go on this simple equation, you’d soon find yourself out of business. In this short guide, we take a look at the expenses you will encounter being a landlord and how you can keep track.

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