The pros and cons of fractional real estate ownership

You’ve heard of timeshares, right? Shared holiday homes where you buy just a slice of the property…

Well, fractional real estate takes that idea and turbocharges it. We’re talking about high-end property investment in prime locations with the opportunity to own a fragment of a multimillion-dollar asset. Sounds too good to be true? It just might be.

There are several benefits and downsides of fractional real estate ownership, and it’s important to evaluate both sides for a sound investment decision. Let’s begin by outlining what this property investment strategy is all about.

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How to secure a rental property: guide for landlords

Did you know that England and Wales experienced 273,076 burglary cases in the year ending September 2023?

As a landlord, you want to protect your property and tenants. But how do you secure a rental from threats like burglary, fire, water damage, and unruly residents?

Don’t sweat it; we’ve got your back. Join us in this read, where we explain how to secure a rental property. We’ll walk through essential tips to safeguard your BTL property so you can sleep easy at night, knowing your rental is protected.

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What is a healthy cash flow for your BTL property?

A good measure of a (buy-to-let) BTL’s cash flow is the rental yield. To achieve a healthy cash flow for your BTL property, it’s important to aim for rental yield values of at least 5%. But what does that actually mean for your bottom line?

Understanding cash flow helps you determine if your rental property is profitable and worth keeping. In this article, we’ll cover what cash flow is, why it matters, and how to calculate it for your BTL so you can make the most of your investment. Let’s start by understanding the importance of cash flow for BTL.

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How to evict a tenant in the UK

With about a 32% increase in eviction notices served to tenants between 2022 and 2023, landlords have increasingly found reasons to evict tenants in the UK. But this doesn’t mean eviction is straightforward; tenancy law is complex, and there are lots of legal procedures to adhere to.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of how to evict a tenant in the UK, ensuring you comply with the relevant laws and regulations.

But first, let’s start by examining the different types of tenancy agreements, as it’s crucial to help you assess what eviction rules apply to you.

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How to set the right rent price for your BTL

You want to make sure you’re charging the right rent for your buy-to-let (BTL) property. Set it too high, and your property may sit empty for months. Set it too low, and you’re leaving money on the table that could help pay off your mortgage.

Before we show you how to set the right rent price for your BTL, let’s consider the factors that determine rent price.

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How UK landlords can reduce turnover and minimise vacancy

As an independent landlord in the UK, it’s crucial to understand how to reduce tenant turnover and minimise vacancy.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the various factors contributing to tenant turnover and how vacancy impacts revenue. It’ll also outline practical solutions and strategies to manage and retain your tenants effectively, ultimately reducing turnover and minimising vacancy periods.

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5 things landlords are not allowed to do while renting

Are you a property owner who’s recently decided to rent out your space?

That’s great, but you must be prepared for the responsibilities that come with being a landlord. One of the mistakes landlords make when renting is not educating themselves on tenancy regulations.

As much as you’d like to, there are certain things you just can’t do as a landlord. We’ve compiled a handy list of 5 things landlords are not allowed to do while renting their property.

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7 Common Mistakes Landlords Make When Renting

Being a landlord can be lucrative, but pitfalls can lead to headaches and costly mistakes. With so much to keep track of, it’s easy to overlook a few essential details. Fortunately, there are simple steps to minimise your chances of making a costly error when renting out your property.

Let’s look at the seven most common mistakes landlords make when renting in the UK and how to avoid them.

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Spotting the Next Up-and-Coming Area for a Great BTL Investment

Property can be a great way to generate income and increase wealth, but it requires careful research and planning. You need to know how to spot the areas that will offer the greatest return on investment (ROI) and how to manage your properties so they remain profitable.

This article offers five insightful tips to help you find the perfect buy-to-let (BTL) investment opportunity. And by the end, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about your next BTL investment.

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Best Ways to Improve the Energy Efficiency of your BTL Property

The cost-of-living crisis in the UK has partly been driven by substantial energy price increases. And that’s bad news for you as a landlord. You might pay for energy as part of the rental price, which means a hefty increase in your overheads. However, most rentals don’t include energy bills, but if your tenants are struggling to pay their energy bills, you might find they can’t pay you the rent on time or at all.

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