The Difference Between a Holding Deposit and a Tenancy Deposit

Every independent UK landlord has undoubtedly heard of holding deposits and tenancy deposits. However, do you understand the differences between the two? Although they’re both payments made to landlords by tenants as part of a tenancy agreement, there are some key distinctions that every landlord should be aware of.

In this article, we’ll explain the difference between a holding deposit and a tenancy deposit, as well as provide helpful advice on managing them both.

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Tenancy Security Deposit

Moving home is stressful enough without wondering if your landlord will return your deposit. Landlords deduct for many reasons. But gone are the days of ruthless landlords who would keep your tenancy deposit, come what may. It’s now law for your deposit to be protected in a government scheme. There, it will stay, until it comes time to move on. It’s at this point you can make sure the property is in good condition and your landlord deducts the correct amount.

There’s no point asking for a full deposit if there are issues with the property. Your landlord may deduct money from your deposit for several things. In this short guide we detail what your landlord can and cannot deduct from your deposit.

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