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Like every month, Rentila offers you an overview of the main real estate news of interest to landlords. This month, we focus on house prices, rent prices, tenants behaving badly, and maximising property investment gains. Happy reading and… renting!

House prices

UK house prices suffer slowest October rise since 2008

Prospective home buyers have been undeterred by the approaching Brexit deadline, while sellers have been put off by ongoing uncertainty over UK house prices, according to Rightmove. Continue →

Affordability improves as house prices continue their slow, sleepy decline October rise since 2008

The latest Halifax house price index shows the country’s properties just 0.9% more expensive than they were this time last year. The average UK home will now cost you £232,249. “This is the lowest growth seen in 2019”,  says Russell Galley, managing director at Halifax. “It again extends the largely flat trend which has taken hold over recent months.” Continue →

Rent prices

Affordability improves as house prices continue their slow, sleepy decline October rise since 2008

Renting in the UK has become more affordable, on average, with costs rising at just half the level of earnings growth, research by has found. The Rental Market Report, by Zoopla, shows average rent in the UK increased just 2% to £876 in the year to October 2019. By contrast, weekly earnings climbed 4%. The report, which looks at rents across 40 cities and 376 local authorities, also revealed the most and least-affordable places to rent right now. Continue →

Tenants behaving badly

Rental Opportunity of the Week: The Most Horrifying New Landlord Move of 2019

What is it? There’s a toilet next to the bed. Like, just there. There’s a toilet (a large lidded bowl you shit and piss in) next to the bed (comfortable squishy surface you sleep and fuck on). There is a toilet next to the bed. Continue →

Top tips to stop tenants smoking in your property

Once seen as highly fashionable, smoking is widely regarded as one of the most socially unacceptable habits one can have in the UK today. Aside from the obvious impacts to health, smoking can devalue your property, as nicotine and chemicals can build up in walls, floors, surfaces and the furniture. It’s also a major fire hazard that puts your home and your tenants at risk. Continue →

Struggling to gain access for inspection

The landlord was very concerned because they needed to gain access to their property in order to carry out a gas safety inspection. However, they were struggling to gain access to the property in order to allow a gas safe engineer to carry out the inspection. Continue →

Property investment

Experts reveal how to maximise gains from property investments

THE UK property market may have flattened due to Brexit, but that doesn’t mean the savvy investor should avoid real estate. Eastern Eye checks out the dos and don’ts of making money from bricks and mortar. What are the three golden rules of successfully investing in real estate?
Location, location, location is the traditional answer, but Continue →

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