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Why managing the property yourself?

Improve your return on investment and avoid unnecessary costs!
You can manage your property from A to Z. Why doing it? Because you will increase your boost the profitability of your investment by minimising your management expenses, but also because no agent will take care of your property the way you do.

All the professional tools you need to manage your tenancies

Do you want to find a tenant? We can help you with your tenant screening process.

A tenancy agreement template is at your disposal.

Creating a check-in/out inventory is easy with Rentila.

Rent receipts are generated automatically and shared with the tenant.

Managing and tracking repair and maintenance requests is easy with us.

Our Finances module helps you with your book keeping.

We also give information you can then use for your tax return.

A selection of document templates is available for you.

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Why choosing Rentila?

Rentila is convenient, easy to use, with a dynamic hard-working team, friendly customer support and we are obviously really nice guys... Rentila is rated 4.8 out of 5 by more than 1000 users.

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Ready to start?

Rentila assists you throughout the tenancy management process and helps you boost the profitability of your investment.


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